RPID Meeting Agenda Items

Wednesday 13:00 EDT https://iu.zoom.us/j/300135894

Attendees: Larry, Scott, Yu, Gabriel, Rob

Apologies: Alison

RPID Meeting Minutes

Gabriel will no longer be avaialble to the RPID Project

  • All work transistioned to D2I student Kunalan
  • 3 VMs at AIST now holding data. Still using RPID testbed.
  • https://github.com/Data-to-Insight-Center/RDA-PRAGMA-Data-Service/wiki/Welcome-to-PRAGMA-Data-Service-Prototype
  • Yu will talk to Gabriel about AWS account

E-RPID Proposal

  • Recommended
  • Proposal: 1839013 Can be found on research.gov

Science Gateways Research Center Briefing

  • Tomorrow 15:15 EDT
  • Rob and Yu will attend
    • Rob will introduce DOA and the RPID Testbed
    • Yu will talk about the test cases

RDA Leadership Meeting

  • Septemeber 24-26, Troy, NY

Preparing for IDW

  • Usual suspect sessions
  • Unusual suspects?
    • Demetri's Group extension Cross Domain WG
    • 5 Open Positions on the TAB

AWS Services

  • Tufts AWS Account
  • Move to Jetstream?

Other Business

  • Training Materials
  • Use Cases for RDA PID KI Principles
  • Evaluation of these principles for SEADTrain
  • No call in two weeks from today. Next call August 29.
  • Other items