RPID Meeting Agenda Items

  • New addition at Tufts
  • Follow up on Beth's new document titled-Data object model for RPID and PID Kernel Information projects.
  • Follow up items from RDA P10
  • Rob will attend the PI meeting

Attendees: Bridget, Richard, Robert, Larry, Scott, Isuru, Gabriele, Yu, Rob

Apologies: None

RPID Meeting Minutes


  • Publish new data types beyond weather sensors (Twitter, Reddit, files).


  • Proof of concept for CTS templates. Proposal document in Slack channel.
  • Meeting in Croatia, talk with the group there about running a handle server.


  • Adminstration of services. SDSC side services moved to new server. Large VMs to be sure the Galaxy workflows are preseved.
  • Preformance evaluations of handle and DTR. Galaxy consuming resources, not handle or DTR connections.

Jetstream VMs

  • Long discussion of document linked on Slack. "Draft of Jetstream VM PID Mapping v2" is available in the general channel.
  • When does a PID get created for an object?
  • Promotion of handles as DOs mature.


  • Testing soon.

Karst Node

  • rpid-dtr.grid.iu.edu:8080
  • rpid-handle.grid.iu.edu:8000

User Advisory Group

  • Robert and Rob will try to have a conversation next Friday about kicking this off.

Action Items

  • Scott will propose a transistion date from the services from dev to "production".
  • Rob will send around VBC and Quad Chart for PI meeting next week.