RPID Meeting Agenda Items

Attendees: Gabriel, Yu, Rob, Richard (dropped off)

Apologies: Robert, Alison

RPID Meeting Minutes


  • Accept all types of data. Files, video, etc.
  • Won't have an effect on data.
  • New profile being worked on by Beth to use on testbeds.
  • Metadata in PID Kernel will not be affected.



  • Get more data. Most data sets are not public.
  • Get more genotypes from the Rice Institute.
  • Reaching out to community.

Jetstream VMs


  • Rob has AWS access.

Karst Node

  • rpid-dtr.grid.iu.edu:8080
  • rpid-handle.grid.iu.edu:8000

User Advisory Group

  • Rob and Robert are trying to schedule a meeting.

Action Items

  • Rob will start a doodle poll to move this meeting off the 2-3pm EDT time.