RPID Meeting Minutes

  • Wednesday August 28 14:00 ET
  • Video Conference Coordinates: Zoom Link

Attendees: Yu, Marina, Larry, Rob


Progress Report from Yu and Marina

  • Mapping Service - Progress Report.
    • Cordra2 registration page is available
      • (some bugs have been found and confirmed with Ian Little from CNRI, still working on fixing them)
    • https://handle.grid.iu.edu:8000

Use Case Updates

  • SEADTrain
  • PRAGMA Rice Genomics
  • SGRC - SEAGrid computational chemistry gateway.
    • Wrote up a potential student project for Airavata class given at IU.
    • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ns6cJVOaq04oP2OUbkOVXDjHkkrJY1tS9_7ViWdjNHA/edit
  • Galaxy
    • Still trying to get ahold of James Taylor for direction here.

Presentations, Papers, Reports, and AOB

  • DOA introduction session at Trieste Summer School (Data Stewards Session)
  • Meeting with GOFAIR in DC
  • PRAGMA37 - September 11-12
  • Gateways19 Poster.
    • Presented week of September 23.
  • Annual Report for ERPID
    • Overdue October 1st
    • Will be starting text this week.
    • Template is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1f64sNB0XRICK6rRPrvL8ghQx6p--2WbZl7sN0Fr0A9E/edit
  • Activities at RDA 14
    • DOA Side Meeting
    • Data Fabric Session (Governance)
    • Meeting tomorrow for planning.
  • Follow up GO FAIR Meeting in Paris