RPID Meeting Agenda Items

  • Examples
  • Puppetizing
  • Karst Node
  • UAG

Attendees: Gabriel, Rob, Bridget, Yu, Scott, Larry

Apologies: Robert

RPID Meeting Minutes



  • Upgrade Interface to use PID. Requirement from the TNRC, software that can get PIDs.
  • Daily updates going smoothly
  • New channels to get airbox data (TNRC)

PRAGMA/Rice Genomics

  • Not too much updates. Several domain updates, AIST moved to different location. Data storage replaced. IPs updated.

Jetstream VMs

  • Robert and Rob have scheduled a meeting next Thomas, Jeremy, Scott.


  • No update. Not sure if this will happen in the Persid project.
  • Bridget will get in contact to introduce to an interested party.
  • CTS Handles, suggests Nevin to take this project on... Will discuss with Larry about how to proceed.


  • Bridget supplied ready for testing puppetized installation.
  • Not 100% finished, but good time to get feedback. Some loose ends to wrap up.

Karst Node

  • Will have login access this afternoon, RHEL6, will work on VMs.
  • Puppet manifests builds and runs Docker-ized.
  • Will be doing testing over the next few weeks and will provide feedback to Bridget.