RPID Meeting Minutes

Wednesday 14:00 ET Zoom: https://iu.zoom.us/my/rquick

Attendees: Marina, Larry, Yu, Rob, Scott

Apologies: Marlon

New Staff Effort

Yu Introduction Slides


  • Publish new data types beyond weather sensors (Twitter, Reddit, files).


  • Adminstration of services. SDSC side services moved to new server. Large VMs to be sure the Galaxy workflows are preseved.
  • Preformance evaluations of handle and DTR. Galaxy consuming resources, not handle or DTR connections.

Science Gatways Research Center - Apache Airavata

  • SeaGrid


  • Common Workflow


  • rpid-dtr.grid.iu.edu:8080
  • rpid-handle.grid.iu.edu:8000
  • Status is available here: http://steige.grid.iu.edu/steige/textw.html
  • Status image for handle: http://steige.grid.iu.edu/steige/status_handle-dev.png
  • Status image for dtr: http://steige.grid.iu.edu/steige/status_dtr.png

User Advisory Group

  • Scott Teige will organize during ERPID

Action Items

  • Yu will send around slides.
  • Rob, Scott and Yu will have a whiteboard session with Marina to bring her up to speed.
  • Engagement with Galaxy and SGRC. Rob will follow up.
  • Rice Genomic representative should regularly attend.