RPID Meeting Minutes

  • Wednesday February, 26 2020 14:00 ET
  • Video Conference Coordinates: Zoom Link

Attendees: Gaungchen, Sudhakar, Rob, Yu

Apologies: Larry

Progress Report on Services from Yu

  • Service status
  • Has the port 9000 issue been resolved?
    • Guangchen and Yu working on this.

RDA Adoption Project

  • SEAGrid Testbed available at rpid.seagrid.org
  • Will be presenting work in mid-March, need to be inline with our deliverables at that point.
  • Will talk to the PI last week of February for an update

Presentations, Proposals, Papers, Reports, and AOB

  • Possible Hackathon Event with FDOF group
  • RDA 16 - Melbourne - March 2020
  • Big Data Hubs presentation in April 2020