RPID Meeting Agenda Items

  • Discussion of Beth's new document titled-Data object model for RPID and PID Kernel Information projects

Attendees: Beth, Robert M., Gabriel, Larry, Rob Q,

Apologies: Bridget

RPID Meeting Minutes

Discussion of Beth's document-Data object model for RPID and PID Kernel Information projects

  • Rob Q will put to get hub once we have worked on this in google docs


  • PID work is almost done - will text next week
  • Based on yesterday's meeting will add profiles


  • Bridget metioned CTS URNs and how they connect to the handle system - can go down into individual words in classic texts like The Illiad
  • URNs are not really resolveable
  • Bridget will be writing this up before she leaves Tufts
  • See slack channel for Bridget's update


  • no update

Jetstream VMs

  • Meeting yesterday with Jeremy Fischer of Jetstream
  • Can get started with description of vms in openstack
  • Rob is starting up allocation so that we can see how those are working
  • Working on XSEDE accounts for those involved - Richard, Yu, Robert, Rob
  • Have a model similar to what Bridget did for URNs for Jetstream VMs = mapping item to use in Jetstream
  • Will describe at the image level - may want to go more granular than this
  • Yu and Beth think that we will want to keep the strawman profile and the jetstream profile seperate


  • Bridget sent update today on topic - almost done with 1 item for documentation needing to be finished
  • Need to prepare for BOF on Testbeds at RDA

Karst Node

  • Believe that the RPID hardware could be haunted - but likely something still flawed
  • Can log into the node at this point
  • Working on access levels - KARST was probably not the best direction for this in terms of access for installation
  • Need to work out policies and procedures to make this happen

User Advisory Group

  • Other that expectations and starter list of participants
  • Add Richard H. to the user advsiory group

Action Items

  • Rob Q will put Beth's data object model doc in googledocs for editing by group
  • All will follow up on review of document in google for next meeting
  • Yu will show his work at next IU-RPID meeting for review