RPID Meeting Agenda Items

Wednesday 13:00 EDT https://iu.zoom.us/j/300135894

Attendees: Yu, Scott, Alison, Rob, Robert


RPID Meeting Minutes

IEEE Workshop on Big Data Metadata and Management (BDMM ’2017)

  • Global DTR. Well received and some interest from Wu at


Project Git: https://github.com/Data-to-Insight-Center/SEADTrain Looking for a user study group. Simpler user workflow.


  • Code should live at IU (aka. the RPID github repo.)
  • Currenly normal handle, CTS-URN use template handle. Formula (function) in the handle.
  • Yu visited Alison in Boston.
  • Alison is providing requirements and workflow documents.
  • Yu will provide a base document.


  • Yu is meeting with PRAGMA team tonight.
  • Two surveys, discussion of what to do with these surveys.

Jetstream VMs

  • Rob will start a mail thread with Jermey and Yu regarding Jetstream. (cc Robert)
  • Richard compelted the mapping, we should talk to Jeremy about Jetstream usage.


  • No status update.

Karst Node

  • Nothing new on the Karst node.
  • Ansible to build configuration of handle.
  • Possible to move to high availability plan.

User Advisory Group

  • Robert M will send a doodle poll for first meeting (Weeks of 22-Jan or 29-Jan)