RPID Meeting Agenda Items

Wednesday 13:00 EDT https://iu.zoom.us/j/300135894

Attendees: Scott, Richard, Allison, Yu, Grabriel, Rob

Apologies: Larry

RPID Meeting Minutes


  • NCE Requested.
  • Rebudget submitted to IU ORA based on Tufts changes.


  • Project Git: https://github.com/Data-to-Insight-Center/SEADTrain
  • Talked about more data will publish more data. How the WISE data and Airbox data can be merged.


  • Updated document at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iwWcmWXvnJuw61mRKkxYqOZQPIn7TpLRyGcFMqlxzB4/edit
  • Discription not accurate.


  • Next steps: contact ASTI philipeans galaxy workflows.
  • Using RPID testbed to assign handles to all Data Objects. (Previously only workflow given handles.)
  • PIDs an finer granularity. Can provide provenence purely from handles.

Jetstream VMs

  • Good conversation. Went though the Scholorworks examples.
  • Went through examples from Jeremy.
  • Get a little more information and determine if the API could be useful.
  • Human readable version online.


  • One working Handle and DTR in AWS.
  • Everytime it is restarted IP address change.
  • Pricing for Static IP will be sent.

RPID Services Update

  • Weathered a OS maintenance without issue.
  • All ansible build needs to be tested to survive reboot.

User Advisory Group

  • Doodle Poll completed.
  • First UAG Meeting 02 Febuary 2018.

IU Workshop

  • Spring, more details coming.

XSEDE Request

  • Rob will talk to JP about RPID and do an introduction.