RPID Meeting Minutes

  • Wednesday July 17 14:00 ET
  • Video Conference Coordinates: Zoom Link

Attendees: Larry, Yu, Rob

Apologies: Marina

New Cordra SDK is Available

  • Yu will contact Robert Tupelo-Schenck about SDK details.

Progress Report from Yu and Marina

  • Mapping Service - Progress Report.
    • Cordra2 is setup and integrated with handle services
    • https://handle.grid.iu.edu:8000
    • Asked Eric Coulter to open up firewall to allow access from NON IU network, otherwise Cordra2 setup was available only if on IU campus - Rob Pinged Eric and this will be done shortly
    • Marina in on vacation will update on July 31st.

Use Case Updates

  • SEADTrain
  • PRAGMA Rice Genomics
  • SGRC - SEAGrid computational chemistry gateway.
    • Idea to set up a gateway that takes input as PIDs and also has the ability to output PIDs.
  • Galaxy

Presentations, Papers, Reports, and AOB

  • PEARC19 Poster - Will be created this week.
  • Annual Report for ERPID
    • Due October 1st
  • Gateways19 Poster.
    • Abstract submitted.
  • RDA Chairs Meeting in Cologne
    • Ilya Zaslavsky UCSD - Potential Use Case
    • Peter Cromwell - Follow up conversation
  • Activities at RDA 14
    • DOA Side Meeting
    • Data Fabric Session (Governance)
  • TAC for WDS ITO began last week
  • EOSC Architecture Working Group began earlier today
  • DOA introduction session at Trieste Summer School (Data Stewards Session)