RPID Meeting Agenda Items

  • Examples
  • Puppetizing
  • Karst Node
  • UAG
  • Profiles
  • Collections API

RPID Meeting Minutes


Rice Genomics

  • RDA Adoption Project
  • Using a Galaxy Workflow - Linear and Max Projections
  • Portal at http://rocks-53.sdsc.edu:8079/testGUI/irri-index.html
  • Strawman Profile: http://pragma8.cs.indiana.edu:8080/pragmapit-ext-0.2/pitapi/generic/20.5000.347/rdastrawman
  • Kernel Information Profile: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oU7EVlesXpQkzXmL7Bjfl9LGRGVogCKLmEWLl0SFq1Y/edit
  • Profile Identifier, will semantics in the suffix cause issues.


  • Started implementation using handle API
  • Using 5 MetaData fields
  • No extensions to the strawman
  • Minting PIDs inside the seadtrain workflow. Using json strings with fields defined in strawman profile.
  • Validation from user side is next step.
  • Extended API specifying Strawman profile
  • 30% preformance improvement using json block vs individual handles.

VM JetStream

Textual Annotations

  • Needs handle service - Can use Indiana the dev handle service.
  • No real progress most work on Puppetizing.


  • Amazon accounts and puppet implementation.
  • Collections API should be done by next meeting.
  • Finalize and test CTS-URN.
  • Puppetization review.

Karst Node

  • Hardware.
  • July 5 or first Tuesday in August.


  • Spreadsheet at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hgNNMiBTsWxV26nGfDukZdAa5XiiV-wUQXUeJ5L2fCY/edit#gid=0
  • Brief description and what we expect out of members. Rob will write this up before next meeting.
  • Need a mix of RDA and non-RDA people in advisory group.


  • Concentrate on the Strawman profile and not introduce extended profiles under the current proposal.

Collections API

  • Yu can install the Collection API
  • Created ~4k objects in each the Collection API and in Handle System
  • Very simple test with some preformance measuring
  • Batch operations in development and some preformance improvement already implemented
  • Goal to attach to a handle service for PID minting, but this is not available yet