RPID Meeting Agenda Items - 20-July-2017

Attendees: Yu, Gabriel, Isuru, Beth, Bridget, Richard, Robert

Apologies: Rob

RPID Meeting Minutes


*Bridget thinks that the puppet scripts that she has available now might be usable for installation of IU machine if in August


  • Gabriel is most familiar with this already
  • What is needed to PID API to make it compatible with the kernel information?
  • PID API is kernel information aware - used extensions to retrieve profile definition
  • Beth thinks we need to review that extension
  • Yu - there is functionality to assign PID
  • Bridget we need code available for puppet setup and for those code extensions to be reviewed - these are in D2I Github now (https://github.com/Data-to-Insight-Center/RDA-PRAGMA-Data-Service/tree/master/pragmapit-ext/src/main/javadoc)
  • Isuru says we can fork the extension code into the RPID Github so Bridget can get to it
  • Bridget - Can we tag original code and tag changes and submit back to RDA as proposed revision?
  • Beth - write small client to try out the API - look at what is research data and what is not? Need requirements for this before we move on it.
  • Isuru - PID enabled layer on top of handle system APIs and client - we need a PID aware strawman layer -

Handle Server

  • This is crashing on us and we don't know why
  • Has been down for 3 days now
  • Bridget - could run this on Amazon - would need all of the other parts for replication - federation of local handle servers
  • Isuru - will work with Bridget's amazon instance for demo purposes - need to contact RT to see if this can be done for demo tomorrow at 1

Jetstream VMs

  • Richard Higgins and Robert are working on this - Richard came to meeting today will join us to look at Jetstream PID mapping.
  • Robert will talk to Rob Quick when returns about getting Richard onto Slack and other channels for comm etc.

PRAGMA/Rice Genomics

  • No Updates

Karst Node

  • Expecting August 1 implementation - see Bridget's comments about use of puppet scripts for installation


  • At https://rpidproject.github.io/rpid/UAG-Expectations/

Action Items

  • Rob should check on whether puppet scripts will help with server installation in August
  • Isuru should fork code repo so that it is available from D2I git to RPID git
  • Yu will take two use cases - provenance and trust - seadtrain use-case - from that he will extract requirements for extensions to PID API - post to slack and get feedback