RPID Meeting Minutes

  • Wednesday 14:00 ET
  • Zoom: https://iu.zoom.us/my/rquick

Attendees: Yu, Marina, Scott, Larry, Giridhar, Rob, Marlon


New Staff Effort

  • Marlon Introduction -
  • Giridhar Introduction - EAGER award to work on type registries, consumers that have never seen data before to be able to understand it. What can data creater describe data in a useful way to parties they've never met. What can data producer say about their data. Minimum amount of info about data should be available. Given some data what are the operations you can perform on the data, beyond basic operations. Different types of operations than usual such as calibration information and operations. Scott: Is there a change to the software? ERPID has an update and rehome to Jetstream. There is a new distributed installation that is possible.

Brokering/Mapping Services

  • Marina is beginning work with the project at 10%.
  • Rob and Marina did a whiteboard description of this service, but we need to start talking details.
    • Can we show interoperability with C2CAMP? Tobias and NCAR linked. Marina meeting Yu and Kunalan.
  • Input from Yu/Larry on details of this service

Use Case Updates

  • SEADTrain - No update.
  • PRAGMA Rice Genomics - Moved services to Fillipeans working with updating.
  • SGRC - SEAGrid computational chemistry gateway.
  • Galaxy - Enos has a good relationship and NCGAS is very familiar.

Handle/DTR Service Update

  • Scott's operational report - Power event in the data center. Non-redundant power mode new init scripts.
  • Plans for Jetstream transistion - Eric, Scott and Rob should.

Other Business

  • RDA 12
  • Discussions with Doug Thain and Kyle Chard about data movement
  • NSF 2026 Paper
  • Strategic Role with Open Storage Network? https://www.openstoragenetwork.org