RPID Meeting Minutes

  • Wednesday September 04, 2019 14:00 ET
  • Video Conference Coordinates: Zoom Link



Progress Report from Yu and Marina

  • Mapping Service - Progress Report.
    • Cordra2 registration page is available
    • (some bugs have been found and confirmed with Ian Little from CNRI, still working on fixing them)
    • https://handle.grid.iu.edu:8000

Presentations, Papers, Reports, and AOB

  • Meeting with GOFAIR in DC
    • 30 Minutes Tuesday Morning "Early Implementation Issues"
    • RPID Background and structure
    • 3-5 Slides on "Early Implementation Issues"
    • Bug resolution (communication), AAI mechanisms (user registration to use API), UI development takes intimates knowledge of RPID at this point (still obscure), "test-bed" classification (adoption), intellectual issues (mapping, granularity, interoperability, merging data), still trying to tell our story to new potential adopters (education).
    • Non-Issues - Operations on test-bed scale, porting service from AWS to baremetal to Openstack was easy, migration of DTR data simple (even with a format change).
    • Unknown - If existing software libraries (Azure or AWS) will easily plug-and-play with ERPID services. If not, additional development effort will be necessary. Can "Types" be used as level of indirection? Will Types work as we envision them.