RPID Meeting Agenda Items

Wednesday 13:00 EDT https://iu.zoom.us/j/300135894

Attendees: Yu, Gabriel, Scott, Robert M, Rob Q

Apologies: Alison

RPID Meeting Minutes


Project Git: https://github.com/Data-to-Insight-Center/SEADTrain


Resolving URN namespaces using handle system resolution.


Web URL: http://rocks-53.sdsc.edu:8079/testGUI/irri-index.html Draft paper submitted to GigaScience. 40% of the content is about the PID work. Some adjustments to API and code base.

Jetstream VMs

Richard and Robert talked about it.


Karst Node

  • rpid-dtr.grid.iu.edu:8080
  • rpid-handle.grid.iu.edu:8000

User Advisory Group

  • Invitation mails sent. 7 responses, 6 will join, 1 wants more information.


  • Cross Continential Testbed that will fold RPID into its structure.

Action Items

  • Yu will alert Rob when SEAD-Train moves to prod system.
  • Rob useradd Yu and Gabriel to AWS account.