RPID Meeting Minutes

  • Wednesday June 19 14:00 ET
  • Video Conference Coordinates: Zoom Link
  • No Meeting July 3 due to vacations

Attendees: Larry, Yu, Rob

Apologies: Marina

Progress Report from Yu and Marina

  • Mapping Service - Progress Report.
    • Cordra2 is setup and integrated with handle services
    • https://handle.grid.iu.edu:8000
    • Asked Eric Coulter to open up firewall to allow access from NON IU network, otherwise Cordra2 setup was available only if on IU campus - Rob Pinged Eric and this will be done shortly
    • Marina is working on User interface, users will need to register to be able to utilize mapper and have it connect to Cordra2 DOIP API. Will try to have the interface setup on the same server as Cordra2, will need to make sure there won't be any conflicts.

Use Case Updates

  • SEADTrain
  • PRAGMA Rice Genomics
  • SGRC - SEAGrid computational chemistry gateway.
  • Galaxy

Presentations, Papers, Reports, and AOB

  • PEARC19 Poster
  • Nearing final report for original RPID Grant
    • Done and accepted!
  • PRAGMA Poster
    • Add image here please.
  • Gateways19 Presentation.
    • Abstract submitted.
  • RDA Chairs Meeting Next Week in Cologne
  • Activities at RDA 14
    • DOA Side Meeting
    • Data Fabric Session (Governance)