RPID Meeting Agenda Items

  • Examples
  • Puppetizing
  • Karst Node
  • UAG

Attendees: Larry, Isuru, Yu, Gabriel, Scott, Rob

Apologies: Beth, Bridget

RPID Meeting Minutes



  • Completed SEADTrain workflow.
  • Assinged PIDs to airbox data.
  • VMs do data analysis. Creating and resolving working on separate.
  • Dealing with domain specific metadata for research objects.
  • Multiple data files each get a PID. Root level discription file.
  • Created ~100 PIDs.

PRAGMA/Rice Genomics

  • Next steps data objects created from a Galaxy workflow.
  • Granularity is the big question. Each object or bundles of objects.
    • Comparing benefits of each option.
    • Is both an option? Bundles and Items.
    • Drive by use-cases.
  • Two modles, general linear and max linear models.

Jetstream VMs

  • No update.


  • No update.


  • "I have some questions for the CNRI team on the x509 certificates in both the Handle Server and Cordra: will we be using only self-signed certificates in the test bed? Are we supporting HTTPS entry points on these? If so, the self-signed certs are likely to be problematic. I was thinking we would do the initial setup with the self-signed certs generated by the services and allow for users of the puppet manifests to specify their own CA signed certs if they had them. Is this approach reasonable?"
  • "A second question, specifically on Cordra - have we decided on a handle component for DTR records? I note that Cordra defaults to adding a .1- to the handle prefix for DTR records (at least I think that's what it's doing). I know we had a discussion about prefix components and that handles given to users of the test bed will be 11723.9.test.* . Where do the DTR records fit in this?"
  • Create a workflow document.

Dev Nodes

  • Outage after internal maintenance. Scott is working to make sure servers are restarted on reboot.

Karst Node

  • Cordra 1.0.7 or 2.0 Beta?
  • Stay with 1.0.7 unless there are performance issues.


  • At https://rpidproject.github.io/rpid/UAG-Expectations/